POC||GTFO is worth reading

POC||GTFO 0x01 - md5 151bb48f35895ba75e3c5f4b89b1ba87
POC||GTFO 0x02 - md5 39e5658e24a08e786955af1f4d7e2852
POC||GTFO 0x03 - md5 b90e36dbd5f192723c84c7ad002a616e
POC||GTFO 0x04 - md5 895598b7946d5b11adedad2e574b2b24
POC||GTFO 0x05 - md5 74a17e1cb87cbf1dc31eebe5c7aea639
POC||GTFO 0x06 - md5 02222f78842741c8b74237abe72f4015
POC||GTFO 0x07 - md5 1cb67f33d8b1a63bf4f729ddf328eba3
POC||GTFO 0x08 - md5 257fc8f01fa20e21f8bd5577639ff596
POC||GTFO 0x09 - md5 4dc7e88a1f88df3f169245af8c148bde
POC||GTFO 0x10 - md5 a80760ce9298ead26efe566ed031e5f4
POC||GTFO 0x11 - md5 b162285329c2f293a3daef69889c327e
POC||GTFO 0x12 - md5 23f54e6844686c6420fc66a981313b4c
POC||GTFO 0x13 - md5 1f019532beb6db4b234b3f328d4fa68e
POC||GTFO 0x14 - md5 5eaf00d25c14232555a51a50b126746c
POC||GTFO 0x15 - md5 8363161248b01cc83bc7b437c423ce70
POC||GTFO 0x16 - md5 077321dc32ba752a1b52039649e9bf31
POC||GTFO 0x17 - md5 4d5097fb4bab124475cb5c7b0bd04de8
POC||GTFO 0x18 - md5 84c49ffee3fffebed5875a162e43bb1d
POC||GTFO 0x19 - md5 ac75bf434f3624612cc3b6ee1aa59218
POC||GTFO 0x20 - md5 c1624bd2a775a0f179fad0c1b8d5fae9
POC||GTFO 0x21 - md5 7f3d3b147a4ba2c099ea3d252ed4a0d7

Have you read them all yet? We send our finest gnomes out into the forest 4 times a day to fetch the latest papers. But they do not always come back sane. There's something unnatural there in the forest, something terrible. Well, anyway, these .pdf file things, it's like a mirror or some ish.