See Part 2 for more/better results

Because the FTA Modulae demo uses the IWM registers directly (unlike Nucleus which uses Smartport calls), the demo as written will not load on anything other than a 3.5" floppy disk. I don't like these, and will generally only use a CFFA3000. Poor me, I want giga-smooth scrolling from CFFA3000. The solution is to start by examining Modulae's loader. With assistance from LOADER2.S and other XMAS-Demo sources from FTA 'Gifts' disks, and judicious Block Warden based insertions of BRKs, I quickly got something like this, if you care to read:

Modulae Loader Disassembly Notes

.. I spent some time researching how the IWM registers work, and how ACS Cruncher works (apparently it's a derivative of a Commodore 64 cruncher called TCS cruncher?), but eventually knocked that off, because the goal is just to boot this mess on solid-state hardware.

From there, I put together a plan to proceed. I didn't care to patch/re-crunch the code at $9400 although that would have been more elegant. So what I ended up doing was:
Booting this on ROM 3 + CFFA3000 results in lack of "And now, FTA presents" sound because I did not add that back in. It's part of the old loader and could be re-added if it bothers you though (see $9785). Next, you do see a scroll of disk blocks loading at memory addresses, a momentary pause for decrunching, and finally THE AUDIENCE IS READING.

Download patched Modulae image (right-click, Save As, etc)

The XMAS demo works pretty similarly. Am I going to patch it next? Maybe. It could also be fun to re-save this demo as a .S16 or .SYS file. Am I going to do that? Maybe. I promise nothing.