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Ahh yes, back to our friend Alien Mind. As you may recall from Part 1, it's easy enough to get running, but what we'd really like is (a) slot independence, and (b) concatenating all 4 disks into one big smartport volume without any swapping (thus providing compatibility not just with CFFA3K, but also MicroDrive turbo if you dd the mess onto a partition, or any other SmartPort based solution). It took a few days of thinking, but yes, yes this is something we can do. We start by sinking tons of hours into further taking Alien Mind apart, at great risk to personal health and employment. I'm happy with the result:

Alien Mind Updated Disassembly Notes (Warning: No, Toinet, I'm never aiming for 100% accurate disassembly, this is just my working scratchpad. LOL love ya)

So what we have here are a bunch of tables of disk blocks that we load from the various disks, as well as a few routines to deal with loading them, requiring the right disk to be inserted, formatting player disks, and whatnot. Velly good, we can work wis zis.

The first thing we have to do is concatenate all 4 volumes into one big one. I popped into Sweet16, created a 5MB .2mg file, and keyed in a quick Monitor routine to dump the volumes onto it:
w_offset = 0

      org $8000

       rep #$30

       lda #$0000
  ]r1  sta rblk
       adc #w_offset
       sta wblk

       sep #$30

reader jsr $c50d
       db $41
       adrl rparms
       bcs reader

writer jsr $c70d
       db $42
       adrl wparms
       bcs writer

       rep #$30
       cmp #1600
       bne ]r1


rparms db 03
       db 01
       adrl 008200
rblk   adrl 000000

wparms db 03
       db 02
       adrl 008200
wblk   adrl 0000
... Ran it a few times with my new .2mg in S7D2 and the different disk images in s5d1, with different values of w_offset (0,1600/$640,3200/$C80,4800/$12C0), and soon enough I had a disk image containing all 4 volumes with room to spare. But now we've gotta patch the silly thing to know where all its data is, don't we? And of course we can't forget slot independence. Let's start with that.

We fiddle with a few things in Block 0000 / Block 0001 to attain slot independence. Unfortunately, because it takes a few bytes, we end up ditching the F.U.C.K.'s pretty/buggy cracktro. If it's any consolation, F.U.C.K., you guys did an amazing job, everyone still credits you for this release, and I can tell it wasn't easy translating all that low-level IWM with custom encodings to plain old $C50D smartport. But progress had to come somehow. Anyway, here's what I did on the first two blocks:
     patch in a jump to changed code:
	 0801: 20 6C 09    - JSR $096C
	 remove fades because we write over them:
	 08A5: EA EA EA
	 08A8: EA EA EA

	 08C8: EA EA EA
	 08CB: EA EA EA
	 08CE: EA EA EA
	 08FD: EA EA EA
	 0900: EA EA EA
	 0903: EA EA EA
     patch palette faders at 96C:
	 096C: 8A          - TXA
	 096D: 4A          - LSR
	 096E: 4A          - LSR
	 096F: 4A          - LSR
	 0970: 4A          - LSR
	 0971: 09 C0       - ORA #$C0
	 0973: 8D 78 09    - STA $0978
	 0976: AD FF C5    - LDA $C5FF
	 0979: 1A          - INC
	 097A: 1A          - INC
	 097B: 1A          - INC
	 097C: 8D 77 09    - STA $0977
	 097F: 18          - CLC
	 0980: FB          - XCE
	 0981: C2 30       - REP #$30
	 0983: AD 77 09    - LDA $0977
	 0986: 8D 47 09    - STA $0947
	 0989: 4C 67 09    - JMP $0967     ; TODO could change to a branch
Okay, we could stop there, but that just patches the first and second stage loaders. We've got a whole game to patch, so let's do that, and save it far away in this enormous disk volume. Block $12F7 looks good because it's out of the way. I popped into Merlin and wrote this:
* alien mind 2016 smartport edition patcher

      org $800

      lda #$60
      sta $202f    ; return after relocation
      jsr $2000    ; perform relocation/init stuff
      sep #$30
      lda #$a9
      sta $202f    ; now set it back to an LDA

* patch smartport vectors
      rep #$30
      lda $0acd    ; get smartport entry
      sta $b2d6
*     sta $b3d9    ; player disk formatter - not needed
*     sta $b3e6    ; player disk formatter - not needed
*     sta $b459    ; player disk checker - not needed
*     sta $b474    ; player disk checker - not needed
*     sta $b4a2    ; player disk checker - not needed
* patch load tables - disk 2
      ldx #$0640
      pea #$0000
      pea #$a0bc
      pea #$a0c3
      pea #$a0e9
      pea #$a0f0
      pea #$a116
      pea #$a11d
      pea #$a143
      pea #$a14a
      pea #$a170
      pea #$a177
      jsr upd2
* patch load tables - disk 3
      ldx #$0C80
      pea #$0000
      pea #$a19d
      pea #$a1a4
      pea #$a1ca
      pea #$a1d1
      pea #$a1db
      pea #$a1e8
      jsr upd2
* patch misc other stuff
      sep #$30

* patch Disk ID/prompter to not do anything, just return
      lda #$60
      sta $B346

* patch player disk checker to not do anything, jump to B481 (store/return)
      lda #$81
      sta $B097
* patch the other player disk checker to not do anything, jump to B481 (store/return)
      sta $B08D

* patch savegame disk formatter to not do anything
      lda #$60
      sta $B3D8

* patch savegame writer/reader to use $12C0 offset
      rep #$30
      lda #$1a80         ; 80 1A - BRA $B071
      sta $b055
      lda #$0a0a         ; 0A 0A - ASL ASL
      sta $b071
      lda #$6918         ; 18 69 - CLC ADC #$
      sta $b073
      lda #$12c0         ; $12C0
      sta $b075
      lda #$E180         ; 80 E1 - BRA $B05A
      sta $b077

* on with the show
      rep #$30
      jmp $202f

* operate on a list in the stack
upd2  pla
      sta $00
]up1  pla
      cmp #$00
      beq ret
      jsr upd
      bra ]up1
ret   lda $00

* A = address of load table
* X = amt to add
upd   sta ]l1+1
      sta ]s1+1
      stx ]a1+1
]l1   lda $a0bc
]a1   adc #$0640
]s1   sta $a0bc
Assembled this with Merlin, then saved it, then used Block Warden to Follow the file and write it to block $12F7. At this point, the only thing that's left is to update the custom block $0001 patcher that we wrote in Part 1 of this series, to make it load and execute this new patcher before kicking off the main game. Something like this:
        0AB0: A9 F4 00    - LDA #$00F4
        0AB3: 8D E2 22    - STA $22E2
        0AB6: A9 AF 2B    - LDA #$2BAF
        0AB9: 8D E4 22    - STA $22E4
        0ABC: A9 80 DA    - LDA #$DA80
        0ABF: 8D E6 22    - STA $22E6
        0AC2: AD 77 09    - LDA $0977
        0AC5: 8D C9 0A    - STA $0ACD
        0AC8: 38          - SEC
        0AC9: FB          - XCE
        0ACA: E2 30       - REP #$30
        0ACC: 20 0D C5	  - JSR $C50D
        0ACF: 01          - DB $01
        0AD0: D5 0A       - DW $0AD5
        0AD2: 4C 00 08    - JMP $0800
        0AD5: 03          - DB $03
        0AD6: 01          - DW $01
        0AD7: 00 08       - DW $0800
        0AD9: F7 12 00 00 - ADRL $0012F7

... and after that, maybe I signed my name real quick to the title page. These things happen.

Without further ado, presenting Alien Mind 2016 Smartport Edition.

Why it matters:
Successful testing on:
"Format Player Disk" is still present, but does nothing. Similarly, "Insert Player Disk" text is still present, but is meaningless. I thought about patching over these, but that's just more stuff to patch. Authenticity is important to me, unless I'm defacing opening title pages.

Known bugs:
Easter Eggs (present in original):
Special thanks to Digarok for playtesting and the original idea to put this whole game into one big volume. My original idea, of jumping into the IIGS CDA menu before invoking the Alien Mind control panel, was much dumber in hindsight. And of course thanks to F.U.C.K. for making this all possible. It's still their release.

See also:
Download Alien Mind 2016 Smartport Edition (right-click, Save As, etc)

[ Note 5/27/2016 - Apologies for instability in the initial release caused by alteration of bytes in what turns out to be a sensitive area of RAM in the first part of block $0001 ... after some testing, this appears to be stable, even at 40+Mhz. Note, use the below email address to contact me. ]